About us

Dogs have lived forever in our home, but everything changed when In year 2000 Bernese showed up for the first time in our life.
We were introduced to the breed in Austria many years ago. We felt in love with them at first site. They were  the cutest dogs we ever saw and they seemed very lovely and had great personality.
From that moment we already knew that one day Bernese will enter our home.
Few year later our dream came true and Berni arrived to us. From the first day she stole everyone’s hearts by being the cutest and most lovely puppy in the world.
Because of our friends from the Kennel Club we started to attend many dog shows and learned  important information about the breed. Dog shows gave us more experience  as well as lots of joy.
That’s  how our love, passion and new hobby ….. our “new life” began - Stróż Zagrody Kennel.
In year 2001 we registered first kennel of Bernese Mountain Dog in Kennel  Club in Nowy Sącz.
We always make sure that our dogs feel happy comfortable  and fully loved.
When choosing parents for the future puppies  we check their background as well as their pedigree.
Choice is always made wisely and dog’s best interest is the key in our kennel.
We would like to invite you to visit our website.
If you may have any questions please feel  free to contact us.